Running has grown continuously in the past decades and is currently one of the most popular physical activity, reaching more than 80 million Europeans. Partially due to the increasing desire to maintain a healthy lifestyle, running is now concerning a wide range of people, with different ages, techniques and goals. Although the beneficial health effects of this activity are recognized by clinicians, there are side effects in terms of injury. It is estimated that currently 40% of the regular runners have or previously suffered a running related injury. Bad running techniques and excessive weekly running distances are common sources of lower-limb trauma. Our researches aim to provide IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit) based evaluations of running gait spatiotemporal parameters to prevent injuries and/or improve performances. Walking is widely analyzed by inertial sensors, but there is a lack of running analysis.

Run Up Project

Contact person: Mathieu Falbriard

People involved: Mathieu Falbriard

Partners: University of Lausanne, GaitUp SA

Funding source: CTI

This project aims to provide a tool to coaches, sport clinicians and shoe retailers in order to improve running activity while keeping the runners safe. Using foot worn inertial units (Physilogs) and some of the latest wireless communication technologies, the goal is to design a system, light weight, fast and easy to use able to provide an objective evaluation of the spatiotemporal running gait parameters of trials performed outside of a laboratory, in real running conditions. Through the building of a reference database, this device also aims to compare the extracted parameters to safe and unsafe running patterns to evaluate a possible risk of injury and provide useful feedback on the running techniques. This project is the result of the collaboration between Gait Up S.A., ISSUL (University of Lausanne) and our lab.